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The two questions first and foremost your company most likely asks on a daily basis are 1- "How can we develop more business?" and, 2 - "How can we market our products or services further than we are?" Whether your business is localized, regional, national or worldwide, through the use of effective online tools and resources, you most likely can.

For many companies however, they are not starting with the greatest resource they have - their customer database. It is the most powerful of all assets companies have but do not use to their full potential - business lost. Several questions will determine whether your company can develop more business:

  • • Are you using an email campaign, notifying your customers of specials, features, information about your brand?
  • • Are you using a "drip" campaign to keep your brand name, products and/or services in front of your customers eyes?
  • • Do you have effective customer calls to action?
  • • Are you using a 30, 60 or 90 day process to reach your customers so that when they're ready to buy, they think of your company?

These are just a few of many processes and systems your company should be taking advantage of.

 ABOUT DAN O'SHEA                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Internet BDC - Dan O'SheaDan O'Shea has been in the Internet Marketing and Development field for over a decade. His niche is producing sales through company and personal websites. Not in the conventional manner of thinking "sales first", but through a 4-step process of exposing the web storefront, defining the company or individual as the "expert" in their field and garnering interest from web visitors, building trust to acquire visitors contact information and finally knowing how to develop and maintain the company-customer relationship until purchase and/or multiple purchases.

Dan O'Shea developed his hybrid-BDC system that creates not a "hope they will come" attitude, but a process that aggressively puts a company's or individual's brand continually in front of customers so that when it is time to purchase, that brand will be the one the customer relies on, and buys from. The hybrid-BDC system is a 4-step process -


Your company's web presence starts with your storefront. It is a reflection of what your company is, why your company is the "expert" on your brand of product and/or service and why visitors should buy your product or hire your services! If you have a web storefront that represents "authority" and is visitor friendly, you are beginning...

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 2 - WEB EXPOSURE                     

Once the web store front is built and has the key ingredients for those visiting the site - information about your company and about your product or service, product or service listings, calls to action, contact information, etc., you now need to bring in traffic. This takes commitment from you and work from either...

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One of the biggest mistakes a company does is build a website, add content, drive traffic to the website and then sit and expect business to come to them. This was one of the main factors in the tech stock collapse of 2001. "Build it and they will come" was the general motto of the run on domain names, banner advertising...

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This fourth step, is probably the most critical, and if your company has not reached or using in some manner or form the concepts here, customer follow-up processes with your current customer database and new customer information acquisition, your company is losing business. Very valuable business. Before I explain...

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For information on increasing your business' internet marketing and development, contact Dan O'Shea at 954-348-2211 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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